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Grow Your SaaS Leads Faster

Market with confidence and finally get leads at your door

"Leads, Funnels, Tripwires? Oh My, I'm lost in the sea of Marketing"

You’ve begun your journey in your SaaS. You know you should be getting some leads. But you don’t like getting in blind. Whenever you read terms like “funnel” and “trip wire”, it feels like you’re walking into the cockpit of a fighter jet. Lots of lights and knobs, but with no damn clue what any of it does.

You pushed on anyway and experimented. But it's not working: you tested Google AdWords, but it's too costly for your limited budget. You tested direct email campaigns, and you realize the leads are not in the right target market. You followed & favorited folks in Twitter. Sure, you got more followers but your SaaS got no interest. You feel like you're stumbling in the darkness. You just need at least a few customers to really know whether you've built something worth selling or not.

What you Will Learn:

Lesson 1 - Building an overall marketing plan with clarity & confidence

Lesson 2 - How to find that ideal lead who has been looking for you all along

Lesson 3 - How to effectively use outbound marketing for targeted lead generation

Lesson 4 - How to effectively use outreach marketing for hypertargeted leads

Your Instructor

Kenn Costales
Kenn Costales

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start?
The course will start by Friday, February 19, 8AM EST.

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