How to use Twitter Advanced Search to find the right messaging for your product

Using the language of your customers is vitally important to how you position your product in the minds of your customer. When visitors see your ads or arrive at your website or landing pages you want messaging that will work.

Find the words your customers use. Then you can use those same words in your communications: including website messaging, headlines and subtext, and Advertising etc.

How do you find the words your customers use using Twitter Advanced Search?

Twitter Advanced Search ( is a treasure trove where you can learn what customers asking your competition, or search for phrases including keywords that relate to the problem your business solves.

You can search for questions and sentiment on competition's twitter account, or for questions like “How do I …?“ and “Can anyone recommend …?" + a keyword. For example, suppose you have a new hair cleaning product/service:

SEARCH: "can anyone recommend" shampoo

SEARCH: "how do i" shampoo

You can also research your competition by keyword or sentiment.

SEARCH - Competition, Negative Sentiment: @loreal :(

SEARCH - Competition, Keyword: @loreal shampoo

These words are the same words customers will also be entering into Google Search, and so can also help your SEO efforts.


Once you have a list of phrases the customers are using you can A/B Test them on landing pages or in Google Adwords to see what works best.

If you have any questions, just email me [email protected] and I'll be happy to talk with you.

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