How to use Quora for Lead Gen & Sales - Sujan Patel of

Repurposing content on Quora can help you get exposure to a new audience, drive consistent traffic back to the original content, and it's a shortcut to SEO. Best of all, it only takes a few minutes per answer.

Here's the step-by-step process for repurposing content on Quora to drive lead gen & sales:

Step 1: Do keyword research. Target top traffic keywords and long tail keywords. Long tail keywords often have less competition (answers) on Quora.

While promoting my Growth Hacking ebook, I found 3 Quora questions that ranked on page 1 of Google. This was a goldmine and resulted in 3,245 visits in the last 5 months and 380 ebook sales. That's an 11.7% conversion rate!

Step 1 Alternative: Find relevant but unanswered questions on Quora.

Step 1 Alternative 2: If there aren't any questions matching your keywords, ask your friends or network to Ask the question, then a few days later go in and answer it.

Step 2: Answer the question using your original content. Quora answers don't have to be long. In fact, I actually recommend the opposite—short and to the point.

While promoting, I answered a question on Quora based on a blog post I recently wrote titled 7 Best Content Marketing Tools:

In the last 60 days I've received about 52 visitors & 6 email signups from Quora. That's not bad for 3 minutes of work! At scale, these are much larger numbers.

Step 3: Upvote & Promote. To increase upvotes, I write a handful of tweets that link to my answers and schedule them to publish several times throughout the week. ProTip: Make sure to customize the tweet text each time you share your answer. Don't publish the same update over and over again or people will start to ignore you.

The key here is to promote the content of your answer, not the fact that you are answering questions on Quora. No one necessarily cares about or wants to see my Quora answers, but they may want to know what my favorite content marketing tools are.

There's also a somewhat hidden “Promote” button which allows you to show your answer to a 100-500 people within Quora depending on the points you have. You earn points by asking and answering questions.

Step 4: Repeat/Scale: I spend 5-10 minutes every night answering 1-2 questions. I also have an ongoing spreadsheet that I add quora questions to answer throughout the day.