3 ways to get intelligence on your customers - Scott @ Birdleaf.io

Do you know who your customers are? Seems like the standard response from any marketer or salesperson should be “DUH! What kind of stupid question is that?”. However, a recent study done by Yesmail reveled that 80% of consumer facing companies don't know who their customers are. Granted these are B2C companies but a lot of B2B companies are now struggling to get enough data on their customers given the fact that a lot of online B2B companies only receive your email address when you register their product.

These three tools will make you better equipped to start gleaning a better insight into your customers.

  1. Mixpanel - This tool is an event tracking tool for mobile and web applications allowing you to glean insight into what the most common actions are people are performing in your app. There is a common misconception that it is the same as google analytics. However there is one significant difference between the two platforms. Google analytics tracks pageviews whereas Mixpanel tracks actual events performed by people in your application. For example, it allows you to identify what actions people are getting stuck on, like uploading a list of contact to a CRM. Knowing this would allow you to reach out to the person who is having difficulties to help them get set up and thus reducing the likelihood they will churn.
  2. Facebook - surprising but facebook is very useful for getting insights on your customers. If you have an active company facebook page you can get basic demographic info on the people who like your page. Facebook have just rolled out a new improved Audience Insight tool for those that advertise on Facebook. It allows you to upload your database of customer email addresses and will pump out an aggregate view of your customers basic demographics like Age, Gender, Location. This information can be really useful for getting a better understanding of your customers.
  3. Google Analytics - google analytics is great for giving you an aggregate overview of what channels performing well for acquiring new users and what pages are performing well. Digging around analytics can be helpful to identify data points such as which pages have a high dropout rate etc. With the audience section you can glean some good insight. Drilling down into the stats you can see your visitors age, gender, interests, technology and where they live. If you cannot see certain demographic information you may have the feature disabled which you can change in the admin panel.

These tools are free to use with the exception of Mixpanel which has paid tiers once you go above a certain amount of usage. For your marketing efforts to be as effective as possible it is crucial to know as much as possible about your customers and potential customers.

If you need any help setting up these tools, or if you have further questions, just drop me an email to [email protected] and I'll be happy to have a chat!

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